Last Day of High School


This is it. My last day of high school. Fuck, I am sad that’s it’s over, but I am more excited for what’s next.

For the next four years of college, I will go out of my way to do stupid shit and take a fuck-ton of risks. As long as these risks don’t bring me under, they will be tolerable. For your curiosity, I will be an engineering major at University of Alberta. Hopefully, I will be good enough and specialize in biomedical engineering. I think that where the future is at.

Hell, I didn’t have the heart to write about it yesterday, but graduating and leaving home is my reality now. I am a bit sad, but I am also happy because my inner child is screaming in excitement.

Ideally, I would not go to college because I don’t think that it is a very good investment, but that’s the only way out for me. Otherwise, I will stuck in Vietnam for the rest of my life.