A Memorial for a Dog

It has occured to me this evening that bulldogs and new environments don’t always go well together. I graduated from high school today, and begged my best friend to bring her dog to come see me. This little ball of snarfs and love decided, very gratefully, to come to my house and not die THERE, but pick up a cause of death while at my house.

My friend’s bulldog is the most loving animal I had ever had the chance of meeting. He would come up to you and slobber everywhere but still snuggle up into your neck so that he could not only hug you, but so that you could give him sweet kisses that would calm him down.

He came over to my house today, and seemed fine. He left about a half hour after showing up because my friend could tell his allergies were getting a little bit bad. I assumed it was nothing to worry about, since the only dog experience I had had was a giant golden retriever who had lived through two litters of puppies, and athritis in her back legs. I did once have a pug who died from eating a sock, but I digress.

Killing my friend’s dog was horrifying, not necessarily because of the fact that it had happened, but because I could do nothing about it and I had no idea the direct cause of what had happened. Earlier tonight I got a call from my friend letting me know that her dog had gone into anaphylactic shock on her way home. The dog died before they had reached the vet. The dog was buried ten minutes before I recieved the call.

The worst part in this whole situation for me was the fact that I had no way of restoring the pain that my friend was going through. I think it’s something we all as humans experience, wanting our friends to be happy and being in distress when we ultimately have no answers or solutions. I am most certaintly not in tune with my necromancy, so going to her house and reviving the dog was not in the picture.

When it comes to horrific happenings like this, the best I can do is hope that I can be there for my friend as much as possible and comfort her in these trying times. I feel hopeless in the moment, but tomorrow always brings a new day with new ways to happiness, and we will continue to get better as the seasons change.

With love and sadness,

KE Labs.is